Hospital Equipment Calibration

Hospital Bio Medical Equipment Calibration

We are one of the good lab set up of Calibration of Bio Medical Equipment for Accrediated Hospital and Flow meter for water as well as Gas flow meter all types.

Biomedical Instruments

Patient Monitor(ECG,SPO2)

Defibrillator(Energy Charging Time, Electrical Safety

Infusion Pump / Syringe Pump (Flow, Volumn, occlusion, Electrical Safety)

SPO2 , Pulse Oymeter( Oygen saturation in % , Electrical Safety)

Diathermy / Cautry / Electro Surgery( Power, Current , Crest Factor , Peak to Peak voltage, Electrical Safety)

BP Apparatus, Digital BP Monitor( Manometer , Leak Test)

Fatal Monitor(IUP, Electrical Safety)

Ventilator/Anaesthesia Ventilator (Tidal volumn, MV I:E ration likewise 21 Ventilator Parameter, Electrical Safety

Pacemaker (Demand and Asynchronous Mode Test)

Biochemistry Lab / Radiation Warmer / Incubator(Pipette, Incubator, Autoclave,centrifuge. Temperature and Humidity.)

TMT(Thread Mill)

ECG Machine(ECG, Electrical Safety)

Radiology QA Test(QA Test on Radiology Products)


Flow Meters for all Gases

Air Velocity Measurement Test

CFM Measurement Test

Duct Leakage Test

Calculation of Air Change per Hour

DOP / PAO Filter Integrity Test

Particle Count test

Area Recovery Test


Room Pressurization Test DFZDX

Differtial Pressure Balancing Test

Air Flow Pattern Visualization Test

Temperature & Humidity Test

Noise Level Test

Lux Intensity Test



Bio Medical Equipment Calibration

Hospital Equipment

Patient Monitoring Devices

Nabh Calibration For All Hospital Equipments

Nabh Calibration For Bio Medical Equipment

Nabh Calibration For Blood Bank

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